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Russian River Steelie Run

Posted on 18 March 2009 by Cork Graham

Cork's Russian River Steelie

Even when it seems totally hopeless, there is a lot to be said for sticking out!

Take for example Saturday when I received a message for my cameraman telling me a local emergency would keep him from joining me on our shoot that morning. Ever so quickly did I run through my list of possible camera operators, finally arriving at my friend, Pat Ickes’ name. He was in the Clear Lake area, so running down to meet me on the Russian River in the Wine Country would be perfect…if it came to be…

Well, Pat got there and we started the camera–and he turned out to be a natural. Don’t be surprised if he ends up doing more shoots with us in the future!

The object was to use this episode to show to how to fish salmon or steelhead roe off the bottom. First we concentrated on the stumbling block of many neophyte roe bouncers, the egg loop knot.

The egg loop is really just a snell knot tied below 9 to 11 wraps of leader so the angler can have a free-moving leader between the eye of the hook and snell. Add a tie of Glo-Bug yarn and put it below a float or up from a lead slinky and you’ve got a pretty effective rig for hooking up with a steelhead.

The key again is putting in the time…Bass, salmon, bluegills, trout, these fish have been pretty easy for me to get into. But steelhead, these are the ones that have really been the source of some headaches. The water was perfect, running at just over 700 cfs at the Healdsburg water station, so there were definitely high hopes!

Egg loop instructions done, we moved to casting and that’s when the fish hit, one hour casting later. Needless to say we got lucky and the results are in the latest episode. The link is up there on the left of this page. Enjoy!

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