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Cork’s Outdoors is your one stop outdoors multimedia outlet, through TV, radio and text: the latest information on sound wildlife management and conservation practices and the preparation and enjoyment of Nature’s Bounty—hunting, fishing, foraging, land improvement, game and fish food preparation.

On this site there are Cork’s Outdoors TV, Cork’s Outdoors Radio the Cork’s Outdoors Online Magazine. The magazine is broken up into a column and traditional size magazine feature articles. Delivered along the “blog” technology, every efforts is made to keep the “column” format and voice in the same style as Cork Graham had when he entertained and informed readers at The Times of San Mateo during the 1990s, permitting you that outdoors escape from the daily grind.

Though Cork’s Outdoors is in many ways like your traditional print publication, i.e. FREE to the subscriber, advertising supported, magazine and newspaper (where Graham started in outdoor writing in 1994), it’s much more advanced and customizable. Unlike more traditional forms of outdoors broadcast journalism, not even with the recording abilities of TiVo, you have complete control over Cork’s Outdoors TV and Cork’s Outdoors Radio found nowhere else outside the Internet: there are no channel scheduling restrictions—once an episode is released, it is available for your viewing and listening pleasure whenever and where you want to enjoy it!

We’re especially delighted with the new addition of Cork’s Outdoor Radio, as you’ll be able to download it in MP3 format and play it in your vehicle, or player at anytime. The radio format will cover interviews, equipment reviews, even cooking/hunting/fishing instructions that can be used at the moment of your experience in the field or in the kitchen, with a small MP3 player. It’ll be your own looking-over-your shoulder guidance.

We cover topics related to hunting, fishing, foraging, wildlife management and cooking: As once was told him by a wise Navajo woman, when Cork Graham was a counselor at Friendship House Association of American Indians in San Francisco, “Hunters make the best cooks of the tribe.”

Be sure to subscribe either through the RSS Subscribe link, or better yet, through the Twitter link to not only see what’s happening at the column, but also the new and innovative online multimedia publications released in the coming year from Cork Graham.


Considered the Aldo Leopold of his generation, and “The Galloping Gourmet with a Gun” by the London Times, Cork Graham’s journalism career began in 1983, far from his adored game fields and country kitchens; when, as a teenager on his first big assignment, he did exactly what a journalist is not supposed to do: become the subject of the news. Cork was the center of an international incident that involved the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV), the US, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and the UK.

He spent 11 months imprisoned and interrogated by the SRV on false charges of spying for the CIA. After his release that included paying a $10,000 ransom to the Vietnamese, he continued in journalism by covering the Central America War for the Associated Press, CNN, and Reuters as a freelance photographer. Cork is the second American to complete the naval Special Forces course created by the US Navy SEALs in El Salvador.

After four years covering conflict, he returned to the US, seeking the healing solitude of living as a subsistence hunter and fisherman in Homer, Alaska—a moment in his life recorded in Dr. James Swan’s The Sacred Art of Hunting. The time also offered him the opportunity to write the first draft of what would become his first international bestseller in 2004, rising to #2 at Amazon.com: The Bamboo Chest.

Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area he worked as a post-traumatic stress counselor for Friendship House Association of American Indians, while also starting his outdoor writing career in 1994 as a columnist for The Times of San Mateo, lasting until the ANG buyout of the newspaper in 1997.

Cork has continued in outdoors communications as writer for such publications as Playboy, Game and Fish, Pacific Adventures and Hunting the West; and as a speaker for the International Sportsmens Exposition and O’Loughlin Shows. He has been interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America, and the KFOG Morning Show, among others.

In 2007, Cork started his professional acting career as a regular on the largest English language TV series in South Korea, MBC’s Surprise.

Aside from producing Cork’s Outdoors and GCT Magazine; he works as a screenwriter and scriptwright, and is writing a first time suspense novel.


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