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“Hunting Deer, Elk and Antelope in the Western States” by Col. John H. Roush, Jr (RET).

Posted on 23 June 2009 by Cork Graham



I first met Col. John H. Roush ten years ago, during a hunt that I thought would require my past skills as a corpsman. These thoughts often run through my mind when I see anyone close to my grandfather’s age climbing the ridiculously steep hills of California. What I came away with instead was a deep respect and admiration for a man who had lived the life of ten (well described in the accompanying volume Memoirs of an Interesting Life) and who could climb those hills like a billy goat even though well into his 80s.

Every year after when we’d reconnect at what was like a deer hunting family’s reunion in the hills near San Francisco, I’d relish the stories Roush told of his previous year’s exploits hunting the many regions of the world: New Zealand, Africa, Mexico, and of course all the big-game states in the US and Canada. 

Now, everyone can enjoy and learn from his stories in his latest hunting volume, Hunting Elk and Antelope in the Western States. As a fellow California hunter, I especially delight in Roush’s descriptions of blacktail deer. Like him, I was forever reading about the elite qualities of whitetail: ghosts of the forests, and so many other descriptions making it look as though whitetailed deer found everywhere but California (yes, some say there are a few in the very northeast corner of California, but we’re talking maybe two or three a year sighted) were the hardest deer to hunt for their wiliness.

Yet, when going after the real “ghosts” nothing really beats the much harder to hunt blacktail deer that Roush so well describes. Roush has hunted both and comparing his take numbers for whitetail and blacktail he’s put together over the years, it’s easy to see why he considers the whitetail a much easier quarry.

The style of writing is very much in the narrative style you’d find around a campfire, informative stories spanning nearly 70 years of hunting experience.

$30 for soft cover and $40 for hardcover, autographed, postage and mailing included.  Please send checks to Col. John H. Roush, Jr (RET) at 600 Deer Valley Road, # 2E, San Rafaeal, CA 94903, or FAX  415-499-5112

Can also be ordered through but with out the autograph, of course.

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