Shot Show 2010 Recap

Posted on 28 January 2010 by Cork Graham

It has been 12 years since I last attended ShotShow. It was big enough then, this year its size, along with the new digs where it was held, were almost insurmountable! Still, it was good to see old friends and new.


There was so much there, I didn’t even get to the first floor! On an introspective level, I noticed that in the time that I was away, there was a stark increase in the percentage of tactical to traditional hunting equipment. In my search I found those highlights that can be used not only in straight tactical events, but in hunting, too:


Visiting our friends at Nightforce Optics, Brian Gearhart gave us a talk through on the new Velocity Reticle.


A stop at TAPCO gave us an opportunity to talk with Kevin Miller about aftermarket products to make your Ruger 10/22 rifle that much more comfortable to shoot.


Jim Gianladis offered a great walk through on the new products coming out in the next two months from Caldwell, Tipton under the Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. umbrella.

Ed Schoppman talks about EOTech, Inc’s holographic sight system that really takes your  CQB (Close Quarter Battle) turkey hunt to a faster and much more accurate sight picture.

Last, but definitely not least is clothing, which when you pick the wrong type can get you killed in the field. Here’s Blackhawk!’s innovative 3-Layer system.


1. Sighting in with Nightforce Optics

2. Small game hunting with .22 cal pellet guns

4 Comments For This Post

  1. suburban bushwacker Says:

    Looking forward to the pellet guns!

  2. Troy Adams Says:

    Cork, very cool videos. I really like Night Force products. They are some of the finest scopes I have ever had the opportunity to use.

    Also I was not aware of Blackhawk clothing. I might have to look more into what they have to offer as I’m always looking for a good waterproof system.

    Good job Cork.

  3. Jon hampton Says:

    Hi Cork, Have a great one this weekend.

  4. Cork Says:

    Hey, SBW —

    Just got back from a pig hunt with that also ended up including a hare hunt with the new scoped digital camo .22 pellet rifle from Crossman. I’m impressed to say the least and can’t wait to write about it next week.

    Thanks Troy!
    I was pretty amazed, too with what they came out with. Tried their special ops shemagh, that actually has a nice camo pattern with the issued design.What I was most impressed with was how it really cut down on the cold and kept me from freezing yesterday in wind chill.

    Jon —
    It was a blast–I got the pig in its bed! Can’t wait to edit the content for Cork’s Outdoors TV. We cooked that roaster in the Caja China—did a pretty good job on scalding and scraping it to be able to roast the pig skin on, too! Tasted great!

    Best All,


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