Reloading Restart (Part Two)[Radio Interview]

Posted on 26 August 2010 by Cork Graham

(cont’d from Part One )


You Don’t Have to Go Big

Getting started can be daunting. Often this is because you’ve probably read the same books and magazines as I have, with a photo of the author’s reloading bench. What’s frequently missing is the disclaimer at the bottom of the photo stating the writer had started building their grand reloading station over 30 years ago.   

Now, if you have the money and the space, like a quarter of your basement or garage, by all means! If you’re like me, where space is a high commodity, you can build a pretty effective reloading bench from something as simple as a mini-bookcase. A few little alterations and customizations and you might even be doing better than a large, immovable behemoth of a reloading bench.   

With some suggestions from RCBS’s Kent Sakamoto, I mounted an RCBS Accessory Base Plate on a 2×10 piece of lumber and then, because of cross-compatibility, mounted a Redding-Reloading Ultra-Mag Reloading Press on the base plate with bolts and washers provided, also screwing a Redding Master Powder Measure into the side of the plank.   

Repeating the same with an RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme mounted on the base plate on another plank, I now have the ability to adapt to a number of upcoming planned articles on reloading. If you’re ever heard the term “Two is one and one and none”, you’ll greatly appreciate this setup.   

All you have to do is untighten the C-clamp and trade one press system for another. Also, for an upcoming piece on field reloading, I can easily take the second press with proper dies and relaod ammuntion right at the site of hunting or shooting range…just like I used to do for troutfishing, bringing a flytying kit to the streamside.   

Most importantly, with an elegant white motif to the bookcase and compact size, I have an excellent setup for anyone living in an apartment, or anywhere that space is hard to find.   

NOTE: If you’d like to build a large tradtional reloading bench, as designed by the National Reloading Manufacturers Association, click here to DOWNLOAD 

Family Affair

Finally, in what better scenario, other than actually being out in the field, can you build a deeper relationship with your son, daughter, wife or husband in shooting? This is very serious stuff we’re talking about. Screw up the process and someone’s going to hurt, either at the reloading bench or at the range.   

If you and your children don’t really communicate, you will be by the time you’re done with your first round of reloading. You’ll be communicating well, checking to make sure that every cartridge is properly charged with the correct amount of powder. Brass resizing instructions will be made clear. Even making sure that right primers have been used will be second nature.   

Then, when you’re done, your loved ones will have something tangible in their ammo boxes, ready to find out what kind of load gives the best grouping at the range. You’ll also have read one of the many books on reloading to just be sure, such as those printed by Speer, Sierra, Nosler, Lee, and Hornady.   

Remember to get a Reloading Manual!

You’ll have taken the steps and following them to the letter, you’ll have a finished reloading collection of rounds to take to the range and check to find the best combination for your rifle. Then, you’ll reload a full box with your latest recipe.   

You and your loved ones will head out into the woods in search of that elusive bear, pig, deer or whatever is your local wildgame of choice, and you’ll make a perfect hit. The animal will suffer its least painless possible death because of speed and efficiency of kill. Then, you’ll begin the butchering process for your family table’s bounty.   

Rewarding is an understatement. I still remember the first buck I shot with a cartridge I reloaded myself, just as dearly as the first trout, steelhead and salmon caught on a fly I tied myself.   

Much More Information

Below you’ll find an interview with a representative of Redding-Reloading. It’s worthwhile information for getting back into reloading after a long hiatus. And if you’re just thinking of getting into reloading, I’m sure you’ll gain a lot more from listening to the specialists and in part one of this article.   

You may have noticed there are some advanced pieces of equipment stored in my bench photos, that go beyond normal entry into reloading. In futures articles I’ll be writing about how to best use them and get a level of accuracy out of your bullet that is impossible to get from mass produced ammunition…unless you spent many thousands of dollars on a case of custom ammo!   

Visit these fine manufacturers to review their latest quality offerings:   

For your daily commute on your MP3 player – Download and Enjoy Redding-Reloading Robin Sharpless’s interview on Cork’s Outdoors Radio:

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